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hey there! I’m Edd,

author of Only Pieces and No Place for Fairy Tales, two YA novels celebrating LGBTQ+ characters' resilience, identity, and journey toward big dreams and happy endings.

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About Edd

Edson "Edd Tello" is a bilingual writer of children's and YA literature. With a background as an English teacher in elementary and secondary schools in Mexico, Edd brings a unique perspective to his storytelling. He's the author of the young adult novels-in-verse Only Pieces and No Place for Fairy Tales (both Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selections).


Edd was raised with an appreciation for books. His mother, a Spanish and literature teacher, cultivated a love for reading and writing in him from an early age.


Edd pursued his dream of studying for a master's in creative writing at the University of Seville in Spain. A year later, he moved to Seattle to enroll in the English Business certificate program at the University of Washington. Since then, Tello has become a popular 'bookstagrammer' within the publishing industry. He is currently pursuing a master's in publishing.

When not writing, you can find Edd visiting the public library or local cafés in Vancouver, where he resides.

My Books





The author infuses some lovely imagery and Mexican folklore into this overall pleasing offering.

An appealing coming-of-age story that will engage reluctant readers.

— Kirkus Reviews

An honest, poignant YA story about finding love and acceptance. Authentic as it is powerful and moving.

— Ernesto Cisneros, award-winning author of "Efrén Divided"


Edgar wants nothing more than to live his life out loud. But telling the truth about his sexuality isn't so easy in his traditional Mexican-American family, and his Amá has made it clear she won't accept who he is. Things get even harder when Edgar's macho father returns home after months away, and the house erupts into fighting and simmering tension. Edgar worries what would happen if he told his father the truth about who he is, and feels he'll never fit in anywhere. Then Edgar runs into Alex, a popular football player at school. With Alex, Edgar feels happy and free, believing he might finally pick up all the broken pieces of his heart. But falling in love is more complicated than Edgar can ever imagine--and coming out might destroy the only life he's ever known.



Yuriel's poor neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico, isn't a place where fairy tales happen. Yuriel and his cousin Azul work each day doing laundry to help their family make a living. So when Azul, a trans teen, decides she wants to mark her transition to womanhood with a quinceañera, Yuriel is sure it's an impossible dream. They don't have the money, and besides, Azul's father would never support her transition. But as an openly gay artist in a traditional family, Yuriel sees how important this rite of passage is for Azul. As Yuriel risks everything to play fairy godmother to Azul, he realizes it's going to take a little bit of magic to pull off this once-ina-lifetime quinceañera. *A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.

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News & Events


News & Events

I'll be attending the Latinx Kidlit Book Festival this Friday!

Join us this Friday, October 14 to celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and discuss what makes a great novel-in verse.


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