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3 Questions You Need to Ask When Looking for Instagram Hashtags

Looking for the right hashtags can be challenging, but it's necessary to make your Instagram account to grow. Using the right hashtags will give your brand exposure and bring in new followers!

There are many searching tools to look for hashtags, including the Instagram search function. This tool can help you to identify which are the best hashtags for your posts.

When using hashtags, ask three things:

1. Is it the right size? When it comes to hashtags on Instagram, the best size is between 3K to 600K posts. Don't use only popular hashtags (more than 1M) because your post could get lost in the millions of posts from other Instagram users.

2. Would my ideal follower search for this? Use the Instagram search bar to find hashtags related to your content. Scroll through the latest posts and see if those pictures are related to the message you want to share. Another good idea is to check what hashtags are using your competitors.

3. Does this hashtag describe my post? Avoid using hashtags that are not related to the post (caption + image) you're sharing. It looks spammy, and Instagram could penalize your account for this action.

Always remember to use the 30 hashtags and check if those hashtags are active!

I would love to help you to research relevant hashtags for your posts and grow your Instagram on autopilot! :)

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