• Edd Tello

5 Reasons to Read "Heartstopper" This Summer

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I'm going to be honest. I don't consider myself a big fan of graphic novels. So when I saw that many bookstagrammers were reading Heartstopper, I doubted for a moment whether to read it or not. However, I'm glad I did! But first, what is this book about?

In Heartstopper, we follow the lives of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. Charlie is an openly-gay popular kid, who struggled bullying and taunting for coming out. Nick is a kind rugby player who apparently is straight. He's heard about Charlie and his terrible last year's experience.

They meet at a British All-boys Grammar School. Soon their friendship grows, and the two spend more time together on campus and outside school. Charlie falls hard for Nick, but he thinks he doesn't have a chance. On the other hand, Nick realizes that he loves spending time with Charlie too, and starts to wonder what he really feels for him.

With that said, here are five reasons why you should read it too.

1. The visual graphics. It's impossible to ignore the talent that Alice has and how the details are well taken care of. Through her beautiful images, she takes us into a story of friendship, love, but also doubt and fear. The physical version is worth getting!

2. The storytelling. Like I said before, I'm not a big fan of graphic novels. But if there's something that Heartstopper has, and it's that it shows you that sometimes it's not necessary to tell it in words. The images speak for themselves. The relationship between Charlie and Nick flourishes on every page of the book.

3. Well-drawn characters. Through the dialogues and their school experiences, we will get to know the two protagonists, and we will also see how their friendship grows little by little through the pages. Between sweet messages and honest words, both Nick and Charlie will stay in our hearts.

4. It's engaging. It introduces you quickly into the plot and you can't put it down until finish it! Seriously. It's an addictive story from the begging to the end.

5. That cliffhanger! Once you finish the first book, you are going to want to know more about the amazing protagonists.

So there you go! You have 5 short and direct reasons why you should get this book! Have you read Heartstopper? What do you think about it?