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Book Review: More Than Anger by Lexi Bruce

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First of all, thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

Publication details: 200 pp; West 44 Books; December 1, 2019

Anna's parents continuously fight and insult each other. They spend most of the time arguing. When they're not, her father is working, and her mother is drinking at home. This affects Anna both in her grades and in her relationships at school, but her parents don't see it.

Her home becomes a hostile place, and she starts to wonder why they are staying together at all when there is little left of the happy family they used to be.

Anna dates his classmate Dave, but things aren't easy for her. She feels she's not enough, and it's hard for Anna to believe in love when all that she sees at home is damage and anger. She decides to hide the truth even to her best friend, Jess, because she's too ashamed to reveal what's going on with her family.

Honestly, I expected a different story because of the book cover. I expected a mystery/thriller book. But unlike that, I found a painful story that many teenagers live: domestic violence and how this issue affects their relationships, their goals, and their self-esteem. Through the pages, I found out the reason why this book is called More Than Anger.

Written in verse, the author portrays the pain and tension that Anna is going through in such an honest and real way, and the book explores Anna's vulnerability in her daily life.

I just want to thank the author for writing (poetically) about a problem that happens in many homes every day.

Thanks, Lexi, for creating such a sweet but determined protagonist. Thank you, because more than anger, there is love in Anna's heart.

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