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Cover Reveal: No Place for Fairy Tales by Edd Tello

I’m thrilled to be revealing the cover of my second YA novel in verse, No Place for Fairy Tales, my first story set in Mexico!

You're cordially invited to this ride to a place in Mexico where fairy tales don't happen.

You're cordially invited to NO PLACE FOR FAIRY TALES, my second young adult in verse with West 44 Books. [Here's my first book, Only Pieces, in case you haven't heard about it.]

In this story, we follow the lives of Yuriel and his cousin Azul. Their poor neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico, isn't a place where fairy tales happen. Yuriel and Azul work each day doing laundry to help their family make a living. So when Azul, a trans teen, decides she wants to mark her transition to womanhood with a quinceañera, Yuriel is sure it's an impossible dream. They don't have the money, and besides, her father would never support her transition. But as an openly gay artist in a traditional family, Yuriel sees how important this rite of passage is for Azul. As Yuriel risks everything to play fairy godmother to Azul, he realizes it's going to take a little bit of magic to pull off this once-in-a-lifetime quinceañera.

Can't wait for you to meet Yuriel and Azul, their familias, and the entire cast of this new YA book that I "rewrote" during the pandemic. I wasn't sure if this story was going to make the cut, especially since when I sent the pitch to my editor I was going through the aftermath of COVID. But like what you'd expect from the title, I was also going through a hard time.

And here's the shiny book cover of No Place for Fairy Tales, coming out on February 1, 2023! :)

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