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This newspaper celebrates positive news from around the world

Now, with the social media and tv bombarding us about the negative things happening, especially with the pandemic information, it is a good time to consider reading this newspaper to feel less anxious and realize many good things are happening in the world as well.

Last summer, my Marketing professor showed us a video about a girl who writes a newspaper that focuses on the positive news that is happening around the globe. Her name is Emily Coxhead, and she's the creator, director, designer, and illustrator of The Happy Newspaper, a London quarterly newspaper, that shows there is more good news around the world than you can imagine!

This colorful newspaper includes only positive news. You can also find recipes and supportive articles. There is a section called Everyday Heroes, which tells real stories of ordinary people who are doing something good in the world. My favorite part is Campaign and Charities, where we are all invited to take action in our communities. Here you will find out how you can help to live in a better place!

She came up with this idea after she started to feel overwhelmed by certain things in the news. Even when Emily is aware of what's happening out there, her mission is to make people smile and feel less sad, reporting the positive events that are happening in the world.

Where can you get it?

It doesn't matter in which part of the world you are; the newspaper is shipping everywhere! If you need more information, want to become a follower, or are ready to subscribe, visit: https://thehappynewspaper.com/ or its Instagram account @TheHappyNewspaper




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