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Why Does Ice Cream Make You Happy?

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We have seen it in the movies. The hot boyfriend breaks up with the sweet-cute girl, and what does she do first besides crying? She talks to her best friend or goes for ice cream. Sometimes both.

Well, everything indicates that there's no coincidence or something randomly invented by Hollywood. According to The Guardian, 'scientists have found that a spoonful of the cold stuff lights up the same pleasure center in the brain as winning money or listening to your favorite music!' Crazy, right? It happens because the orbitofrontal cortex associates emotions and memories. When we were children, adults used to give us rewards like ice cream or candies for getting good grades and helping with chores. And it's something that sticks in our minds like a sweet memory, so ice cream has more to do with sensations than with seasons.

Although this lockdown has made it harder to get that ice cream scoop we love, we can always buy our favorite ice cream flavors online. I will share my top three spring flavors that you can find on Amazon! 1. Ben & Jerry's Vanilla: Maybe because it reminds me of those movie nights at home in Seattle, Ben & Jerry's Vanilla is one of my favs. This classic is a good option for every season.

2. Ruby Jewel Honey Lavender with Lemon Cookies: This handmade ice cream is delicious. Lemon cookies are bursting with local honey and organic lavender. If you're looking for ice cream with a fresh spring flavor, this is the right one!

3. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Brown Butter Almond Brittle: The best choice if what you want is tasty dairy-free ice cream. Its creamy texture and buttercream body make it a must-try! What flavor of ice cream do you like the most and why? What's the strangest flavor of ice cream you have tried and actually enjoyed? Please share in the comments!


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