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Writing a Novel-in-Verse: Advice from Latinx Authors

What makes a great novel-in-verse? You're invited this Friday to the Latinx Kidlit Book Festival to find out!

My first YA book, Only Pieces, was released last June. When I explain to my friends that Only Pieces is a novel in verse, they immediately ask me if the process of writing in this format is the same as when writing a poetry book. Most of them... look at me doubtfully.

This October 14, I'll join a panel of talented Latinx authors at the Latinx Kidlit Book Festival to talk about novels in verse and the challenges of writing in this art form. What is a verse novel? What makes them so powerful? Why we choose narrative poetry over others? This and more, we will be discussing Margarita Engle, Alessandra Narváez Varela, Terry Catasus Jennings, and me in conversation with Andrea Beatriz Arango this Friday!

Join us to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month and find out why elements like the plot and the protagonist matter when choosing poetry to tell a story.


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